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Hello Fellow Bronco Lovers!!

Kelechi here, most of you already know my story from watching my YouTube channel (The Chert Channel). Here is one of my very first video (like & subscribe lol). That’s right… Delivery DAY!! like many of you die hard bronco fans I waited for the return of a legend. Almost pulled the trigger on a vintage bronco before the announcement. That bronco reveal video was the best things since sliced bread huh (especially since we all were locked up in our homes due to covid). I set an alarm on my phone for the opening of the order banks  and was lucky to reserve an FE after several failed attempts and multiple website crashes.

          While I waited, I was on the fence about keeping Chert (more on the name choice Later), but after attending the Bronco Off Roadeo in Austin TX, My faith and chert’s  were sealed. I was pumped! I kept up to date on all things Bronco, ordering process accessories, ford pass points etc… how else was I suppose to “stay pumped” flag, calendar and a hammock? After the long wait, staying more pumped, dirt mountain detained etc, I picked Chert up in November 2021 from Tomball Ford in TX. I decided to record my experience as way to remember the day, share m experience and help contribute to bronco community. 

Why Chert

 Why not Chert? I am a geologist, as such I have looked at so many rocks in so many places. I think cactus gray in low light looks a lot like gray chert. Chert is a sedimentary rock composed of microcrystalline quartz. it is a very hard, tough and durable rock that was used in the past for weapons. Things like Arrow heads (flint is a type of chert), axe heads, and Gun flint. In today’s world, it is commonly used in sandpaper. I think the name is fitting for the legend. 

Enough geeking out… As I performed DIY installs and reviewed bronco accessories on The Chert channel, I found myself lacking items to review due to supply chain issues. I also was not getting feedback from sellers/brands on questions and suggestions from the channel viewers. So I decided to dip my toes in the world of bronco accessories. My hope is as I build relationships with customers and viewers, I can propose new products to manufactures as well as recommend improvements. I addition as our YouTube Channel grows and begins to bring in revenue from ads, part of those funds will get passed on to our YouTube subscribers in the form of bigger discount coupons and giveaways. This is my way of saying thank you for subscribing and supporting the channel. I plan to review all the items that will be for sale on this site in addition to providing installation videos. Stay tuned! 

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